Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Strange Truth

"Truth is stranger than fiction." Mark Twain said that.

My life sure has proved that out as of late.

The rest of his quote is: "Fiction has to make sense."

I'm not a reader or writer of fiction, so I must assume that is true.  I'm sure it must be written in such a way that the storyline makes sense, like any good story.

The storyline of my life, as of late, would make a great fiction story. I think it has a lot of the components that people want in a juicy, draw-you-in story.  Only problem is, it sure doesn't seem to make sense.  And that is because it is truth, and if I were to write it as a part of my memoir, I don't think many would believe it. Why? Because it sounds like a fiction novel. I'm sure people would think that the storyline had been "embellished" upon to make it a more interesting read. (As is the case with most memoirs published today.)

I've been centering in on Joseph lately.  His life sure sounds like fiction to me. Who could come up with such a storyline for his life? But, I love the ending of his story.  I can relate so much to him. One day, on Heaven's shores, I will look for Joseph.  I want to thank him.  I keep the ending of his life's journey close to my heart as my inspiration to keep on keeping on.

A very wise man (my son, Andrew) shared Gideon with me today.  I hadn't thought about Gideon in a really long time, but there are lessons to be learned from his life's struggles as well. And so I will read tonight.  And be strengthened all the more.

Maybe that's why some people don't believe the Words written in the Holy Scriptures - sounds too much like fiction - some of It even stranger than fiction!  But, it is Truth all the same. 

So I guess I'm in good company with the likes of Joseph and Gideon.  And since God is no respecter of persons, my ending will be just as "improbable" to the natural mind as was theirs. And just as glorifying!

Someday, when the ending of my story is just as awesome as Joseph's and Gideon's - the manifestation of God's deliverance and power and provision - maybe, just maybe, my storyline will be an inspiration to someone else. Maybe someone will glean from my life's struggles.  God sure knows I hope so.  Then this will all be worthwhile.

Because of Him and Unto Him,

This post can be read over on Tell Me A True Story. Hope you will stop by and read some amazing true stories.  You will be encouraged.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Moses Did Not Say, "Let My People Go"

Image result for Moses let my people goIf someone were to have asked me yesterday, what did Moses say to Pharaoh, I would have said, "Let My people go!"  But, after re-reading Scripture, I realize that is not what he said to Pharaoh. We only remember the first part of the command.
Afterward Moses and Aaron went in and told Pharaoh, “Thus says The LORD God of Israel: ‘Let My people go, that they may hold a feast to Me in the wilderness.’”  Ex. 5:1 - (a feast in worship of God.)
And The LORD spoke to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘Thus says The LORD, “Let My people go, that they may worship Me."  Ex. 8:1
What "Egypt" do you desire God to deliver you from?  Me from? 

He doesn't just want us "delivered".  He wants us delivered so that we might worship Him with our lives.

God knows who will honor Him, love Him, and worship Him with their lives. He knows who will be grateful to Him; who will appreciate the "deliverance" thereby laying down their lives to serve Him in whatever capacity we are called to.  

It's not enough to pray for deliverance from our "Egypt's".  If that is our only aim, what will we do when we reach the "promised land"?  What is the goal, once our prayers have been answered?

God Almighty expected the Israelites to worship Him in the wilderness out of gratitude.  But, not much had changed within the hearts of the delivered - even though God did mighty miracles to set His people free. While Moses was up on the mountain receiving The Ten Commandments, the Israelites were busy building an idol. They still grumbled and complained.

So, they wandered for 40 years and eventually the next generation made it to the Promised Land.

God doesn't want us in bondage, He doesn't want us to stay slaves to anything unGodly.  We pray and cry out for God to come through for us.  And when He does, then what?

He desires us to worship and serve Him. He does not "deliver" us from our stressors just to please us, which is what this "blessing generation" is being brainwashed to believe. 

He answers our prayers with a specific goal in mind.  

Think of Joseph, God delivered time after time from horrific circumstances.  He answered Joseph prayers.  Joseph chose to serve and worship The LORD God with his whole being and life. The fulfillment of the calling of God on his life was all that mattered to him.  

Is it yours?  Is it mine?  For what purpose shall our prayers be answered?

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The "Eals" of Life

Odd title for this post.  I agree.

Ok, stay with me.

This morning, alone in a hotel room, I turned on Joyce Meyer and heard an awesome testimony of a young woman who endured years of sexual abuse.

She said something that hit a chord in me.  However, in this moment, I cannot remember it. But it's in my spirit.  I know it.

So, I'm going to type, trusting The Holy Spirit to bring it to life. For me and maybe for you.
How does one become whole and healthy after enduring years of sexual abuse?
How does one become whole and healthy after betrayal?
How does one become whole and healthy after hurts so deep it seems to cut you in two?
How does one become healed - totally and completely with no residue?

Here's where we get to the "Eals". 

Feel.  Reveal.  Deal.  Heal.  

We must allow ourselves to feel the emotions that situation, sin, or addiction carries within us, no matter how difficult or tramautic. We should not, cannot, stuff the emotions if we want to heal.  No matter how painful.  This where you acknowledge truth to yourself.

Then we must reveal the secret, problem, or sin. It must be acknowledged.  First to The LORD. Second to someone trustworthy. A confidante. Dr. Phil is famous for his words, "You can not change what you don't acknowledge."  Muster up the courage to speak it out loud. Tell someone.  You are on your way to being healed.  This is where you acknowledge truth to God and others.

OK. This next stage is where I believe we lose people. Why? Because it can be the most difficult stage. The most time-consuming stage.  This is the "work" stage. In our "instant" society, we don't have patience for this stage of the healing process:

We must be ready to deal with it in terms of getting counseling or having someone pray over us, going to an awesome Bible-based program such as Victorious Overcomers, etc. This is where you acknowledge truth that was once a secret and held you in bondage to it.  It's no longer a secret and the chains of bondage have been opened for you to get free. But, you must make the decision to see this process through.

My own inner healings took years to work through. One step, one stage at a time.  But, the reward was freedom, transformation, wholeness, and health. 
Heal = freedom, transformation, wholeness, and health.
Jesus came to heal the broken, the hurting, the devastated, the sorrowful, the angry, the bruised, the demon-possessed, the addicted.  He can only do so though if we allow ourselves to feel, reveal, and deal.  When we trust Him enough to go through those three stages, we will come through to the final stage transformed, whole, healthy, and free.

Secrets are to bondage, as truth is to freedom. 

I'll shout it a little louder this time: Secrets are to bondage, as truth is to freedom.

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  ~ Jesus Christ, as recorded in John 8:32

May you and I trust The LORD enough to allow the "eals" in our lives. If anyone wants to share briefly how they have walked through the "eals" process to give God Glory, please do so!  Testimonies are powerful tools The Holy Spirit uses for His Body of Christ to be exhorted and encouraged and to find the courage to go through the process for themselves. Please share.  

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Love, Be Free

(Do Not Know Who To Give Credit To)

God IS Love

Love, Himself, lives within

Love must be given wings
for it is not ours to hold onto

It is meant to be given away

Just like Jesus did

God IS Love

Love, Himself, rules and reigns within

We must give Love, Himself, wings
for He is not mine to hold onto

He is meant to be given away

Just like God, The Father, did

God Is Love

Love, Himself, desires to be free

He must be extended to all
for He, Love, is for all

We must let down the walls and let Love free

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Monday, February 23, 2015

I Pledge Allegiance...

I pledge allegiance to...

If I were to ask you who you are loyal to, what would your answer be?

Your spouse?  Your family?  Your church, ministry, or cause?  Your friends?  Loyal to your local community stores/businesses?

Hopefully, you are to all of those.  But, I ask you to think about this as well: Are you loyal to God?

At the first sign of trouble, do you question Him?  

When your prayers don't get answered as you like, do you get mad at Him; doubt Him and the trustworthiness of Who He is?  Do you put the brakes on faith?

I've had a couple of people ask me during this latest trial in my life, "How do you still believe?"


Obviously, they do not know God - really, intimately, know Him and His Character. Obviously, they don't believe His Words.

Scripture says, "It rains on the just and unjust". You take the good with the bad in life, but that doesn't mean that God fluctuates between good and bad.  

He is constant. Never changing. He causes good to come from everything evil in our lives.  He gives us rainbows after the rain.

Are we loyal to that Truth?

We live in a society that isn't so loyal to much of anything or anyone anymore.

We switch phone companies, Internet providers, homes, churches, and jobs frequently.

We switch spouses and children at the blink of an eye.

We switch friends because we get hurt or feel unnoticed or unappreciated. So, we "move on". 

There seems to be less and less loyalty in our American society.  And I've come to realize that if you don't value loyalty, you can never fully comprehend the devastation of betrayal.

Jesus Christ was the most loyal human being who ever lived.  He was loyal to His Father, to The Twelve, to His mother, to those who abandoned Him, to those who betrayed Him, to those who tortured Him.

And He is most loyal to you and I.
If you don't value loyalty, you can never fully comprehend the devastation of betrayal.
Jesus Christ is the One Constant in our lives, who will NEVER betray us. He will always have our backs. He is loyal to us even when we are not loyal to Him. He remains loyal when we choose to turn our backs on Him and walk away.

His loyalty should never be in question.   

N E V E R.

When you are loyal but are betrayed in return, Jesus Christ understands.  

He U N D E R S T A N D S.

When you are loyal but are betrayed in return,  Jesus Christ understands.  

Look what Judas' betrayal of Jesus cost The Eleven. It must have left them in a state of shock and caused such fear that they, too, denied and abandoned Jesus.  

When you have been loyal but betrayed in return, it is devastating.  But, Jesus Christ understands.  All we should do is take that pain, confusion, anger, and sorrow to The Lord for He understands the devastation. 

He will lovingly and loyally embrace us as He weeps in compassion for us.  With us. 

His comprehension of the resulting devastation to our souls and lives is one of His greatest gifts to us.

If we are only loyal enough to see that.
His comprehension of the resulting devastation to our souls and lives is one of His greatest gifts to us.  If we are only loyal enough to see that.

Because of Him and Unto Him,


Friday, February 20, 2015

The Garden's Agony

Have you ever been in your own personal "Garden of Gethsemane"?  

I have.  And it is agony.

I have cried out, "Father, take this cup from me!"

And surrendered, "Not my will, but Your Will be done."

OK.  Sounds good.  Sounds like my Christ Jesus.

However, I find myself with the same cry each day for a week now.  "Father, please take this cup from me!"  The surrender to my Father's Will is obviously not complete in me yet.

I wish I could spend hours in that "garden" prayer spot. Hours is what is needed to work this out of me until I can finally - once and for all - say it with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength - like Jesus did - "Not my will, but Your Will be done".  

The word "cup" in the original means "destiny".  Jesus Christ was facing intense physical torture, the unspeakable agony of the Cross, and separation from His Father for the first time in Eternity.  All because my sins were upon Him. That was His "cup".

As a human being Jesus did not want to go through such unspeakable horror. He had to battle it out in His Soul in order to get to the place of "Not My Will but Your Will be done".  He continued on His Path out of obedience to His Father.

....My destiny is not on the same level at all.  Nowhere near.

But, I know my Father understands my agony just as well as He did Jesus'.  I did not choose this path.  I do not want to be on this path.  

But, here I am. Even though it's a path not of my choosing, the Garden prayer spot is my choosing.  I want to totally surrender my will to that of my Father's.  Just like Jesus did.

Oh, Father, please give me the grace to accept this, if this is truly Your Will.  If it is not Your Will, then take this cup from me...That's all I can muster at this point.  Maybe tomorrow, I'll be able to totally surrender.  Thank You for loving me just as I am.

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love to Boast On The LORD

I am a "Table Leader" in a program called Victorious Overcomers. It's a seven-step, Biblically-based program to overcome anything in your life.  It's life-altering.

Last night at our pre-meeting meeting, I shared that the day before I sat in a very uncomfortable chair at the lawyers for four and a half hours.  When I got up I could barely walk.  Pain shot through my left hip and down into my leg.  By the time my hour's drive home was complete, the pain had also shot up into my left shoulder.  

I'm assuming it was the way I was positioned in that chair, coupled with the stress of that meeting, that sent my body into a scream.

I have a very high tolerance to pain, but this was almost unbearable. You are never conscience of how many times a day you bend over, until the searing pain makes you aware of it. (Oh, how my heart does go out to our precious Martha!)  

I had all intentions of not staying for the actual step meeting.  I went early for intercessory prayer and for the pre-meeting. I planned on going home right afterward.  

Everyone could see I was in pain, so when I was asked, I explained.  One of the other Table Leaders, who has had a 40-year battle with chronic back pain and many back surgeries, laid hands on me and prayed.

I stayed for the meeting by faith.

By the time, I drove home, the pain was less.  I awoke this morning and the pain is about 80% gone.  
And these signs will follow those who believe: In My Name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.            ~ The Words of Jesus Christ, as recorded in Mark 16:17-18 
Oh, thank You, Jesus!  The LORD is true to His Word - a real Man of Integrity and Character.

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An Encouraging, Red-lettered Word

I share with you the mediation of my heart this morning:

Lies are a portrait of a man’s soul, a man’s integrity,
and ultimately, his name.”

The soul is like a soft sponge. Lies perpetuated penetrate as if shot by a bow into the soft sponge of one’s heart, ripping and wounding. 

Lies are a portrait of a man’s soul, a man’s integrity,
and ultimately, his name.”

A dark shroud befalls the heart and mind.  You scratch and claw to get out from under it’s heavy blanketing. 

Lies are a portrait of a man’s soul, a man’s integrity,
and ultimately, his name.”

Lies are a portrait of...

...Lies are a portrait of the perpetrator’s soul, integrity, and name.  Not mine! 

The lies tell of his story.  Not mine!  

The lies glaringly speak of his character.  Not mine!


Oh, Holy Spirit, thank You for speaking that one line to my heart yesterday.  Thank You, for answering the cry of my heart, "Please speak to me".  Thank You for unveiling Your Wisdom and Understanding to me this morning as I meditated on Your Word to me.

Lifting the Shroud by Patrick-Kramer

The shroud has been lifted. Thank You, thank You, thank You!  I do so appreciate You, Holy Spirit!

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Monday, January 5, 2015

Grace Space

Have you ever really thought about time?  

In our western world, we are ruled by time.  We get paid by the hour.  We schedule our whole lives around the clock and our calendars. We always seem to be hurrying from here to there because of what time and day it is.

Do you know in Heaven - God's realm of Glory - there is no time?
But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with The Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.  ~II Peter 3:8
God does not wear a wristwatch.  Nor does He have a calendar next to His Throne.  

We get impatient (or at least I do) for God to answer our prayers.  We are in a situation and we want God to act NOW.  

But, if a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day to The LORD, why should we expect Him to act according to our clocks or calendars?That is bringing Him down to our level of humanness.  

If you continue reading vs. 9 of the above Scripture, God clearly tells us why He doesn't necessarily answer us when we think He should.  
The Lord is not slack concerning His Promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.  
This is the purpose for "time". It's literally God's Grace Space. 

You see, when we go through adverse circumstances that try our faith, we think it's just about us. We forget that God is a multifaceted God Who is the Master of multitasking. He is at work in all those around us. All at the same time.

I do believe that sometimes our circumstances really have nothing to do specifically with us, but God is trying to get through to someone in our lives that we love and care for. He extends His grace by widening that space (we think "time" is going by and God is not answering), but He is giving us time (space) to repent before He literally closes up that space, by lifting His Hand of grace. Ok, enough is enough.  Whereas, we may have given up on them long before God would because He is so patient and longsuffering.  

God, our Father, is not slack concerning our prayers. He WILL answer according to His Promises. Right now, though, we may be in His Grace Space because of His compassion toward us. It's actually His Mercy at work in our lives. But, in our humanness, we don't always see that.  

May God open our eyes to understand that He does not operate according to our world, but His, and that His Grace Space (time) is really to our benefit.

Because of Him and Unto Him,

Thursday, January 1, 2015

One-word Resolutions

Click on the photo to go to the OneWord365 site.  

My OneWord for 2015 is  S I N G L E N E S S.  

This is how I plan on focusing in on, and embracing, my singleness this year:

I will:

S erve my God with all my heart
I mplement travel plans
N urture my heart with The Word of God
G row in grace and mercy and wear it as a garland around my head
L iberate my soul from the chains of the past year
E cho God’s heartbeat, which is joy
N egate all that is contrary to who I am in Christ
E xpel the stigma of divorce and walk with my head held high
S tep out of my box and do and try new things because I am "ABLE"
S trengthen myself by remembering all God’s benefits

What is your OneWord goal for 2015?  How will you grow in your word?

I pray that God's Grace truly would be sufficient to see us through any difficult times that may lying in wait for us.

Because of Him and Unto Him,